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   Edgar A. Guess Jr., MD, FACOG
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Special services for the healthy life you deserve. We provide personalized wellness services based on sound medical concepts: detoxification and support for your body’s natural tendency toward balance and health.

Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxins and metabolic waste. It is one of the most important ways we assist you in achieving the very best health.

Your personal detox plan may include supplements known for their ability to support liver function and detoxify the body. We also offer soothing, healing body wraps to clear the skin of impurities and help you see inch loss.

Our staff consists of highly experienced, professional colon hydro therapists. They take a sensitive, understanding approach to delivering this remarkably effective therapy.

Therapeutic massage is performed by our certified massage therapists. Massage offers an array of benefits for your physical, emotional and mental health. It’s a perfect way to introduce you to the Beverly Hills Wellness Center, so schedule an appointment today!