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There are some questions that only physicians and healthcare providers seem to be able to ask—such as, “How is your prostate health?” It may be a question you haven’t really thought about yet; or one that you don’t want to think about. But, it is one that you should give some serious thought to, especially if you are a male approaching the age of 40 or older.

The prostate gland is a vital part of a man’s endocrine and reproductive systems. It is about the size of a walnut and sits under the bladder, surrounding the urethra. The good news is that clinical research strongly indicates that prostate health can be promoted and maintained in large part through healthy diet, regular physical activity, stress management and quality nutritional supplementation.

4Life Transfer Factor MalePro is an exclusive Targeted Transfer Factor® product, formulated to provide comprehensive endocrine system support for men. It works by promoting healthy prostate function as well as health in the reproductive and urinary organs. 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro combines the immune-supporting benefits of Targeted Transfer Factor technology with clinically proven saw palmetto, lycopene, soy isoflavones and additional herbs and antioxidants that many researchers support as being an essential part of optimum prostate health.
Key Points

    • Supports Overall Prostate Health: 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro contains all-natural standardized herb extracts to guarantee product consistency, quality and potency. Numerous studies have demonstrated the outstanding health benefits of saw palmetto relating to prostate health. Medical professionals throughout Europe have recommended saw palmetto to individuals who need additional prostate health support. This targeted MalePro formula contains the highest potency saw palmetto extract available today.

      The combination of saw palmetto, pygeum and nettle extract has been shown to be highly effective in supporting glandular system health. Research indicates that each of these herbs may be helpful in promoting healthy urinary function, health of reproductive organs and overall prostate health.

      Zinc, a nutrient long known for its benefits in supporting prostate health, is included in 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro. Infection and other types stress have been shown to result in lower levels of zinc in the bloodstream and within the prostate. In addition, zinc levels are known to decrease in men as they age.
    • Supports Immune Response: Supporting and strengthening the immune system helps enable the systems of your body to function properly; thereby, supporting healthy cell function throughout your body and overall general good health. Prostate health has been tied to immune system health.

      Transfer factors are tiny molecules that transfer immunity information from one entity to another. Transfer factors provide effective support to the immune response; thus supporting your body’s ability to respond quickly and efficiently to health threats. 4Life Transfer Factor MalePro features a patented concentrate of transfer factors from cow colostrum and egg yolks to help support your immune system.
    • Provides Essential Antioxidant Protection: The antioxidant benefits of lycopene and selenium are blended in this comprehensive formula to provide antioxidant protection from free radicals that cause oxidative damage to body cells and tissue. The Journal of Urology and the National Cancer Institute are two scientific authorities that report on the effective health benefits of each of these nutrients in regard to prostate health.

Technical Points

    • Calcium d-Glucarate is a botanical extract that has shown to have protective benefits on health and to support the detoxification process in the body.
    • Epidemiologic data suggests that isoflavones have significant benefits toward maintaining prostate health.